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All types and breeds of parrots with photographs and names
Home Parrot Species 05.15.2019 Parrots are among the most ancient representatives of the fauna. Appearance
The turtle squeaks and opens its mouth: why and what to do
Reptiles For their slowness and sluggishness, as well as an interested turn of the head and an inspiring look
Cartoon rabbit performing on stage
Furry Drummers: Why do rabbits drum with their hind legs?
74 comments October 2, 2013 Vladimir Khomyakov Talk to me It has been noticed that for the most
With timely diagnosis, coccidiosis can be successfully treated
Symptoms of coccidiosis in rabbits and treatment at home, prevention
Treatment of coccidiosis in rabbits Iodine mixtures Preventive measures Video Coccidiosis in rabbits is found everywhere
how old is a land turtle when it mates?
How do red-eared turtles reproduce at home?
Red-eared turtles are very popular among reptile owners. Reproduction of these animals at home
Rating of the best drinkers and feeders for parrots for 2022
Parrots are demanding birds that require timely care. To do care
Determining the age of a red-eared slider is not easy
How to find out the age of a turtle: methods of determining by shell, size and appearance
It’s impossible to keep up with modern fashion - people never cease to amaze, finding more and more unusual
Will raccoons hibernate if they live indoors?
Raccoons do not like frosty and snowy weather. With the onset of winter cold, charming animals with
Land turtle at home - secrets of care
Land turtle at home - secrets of care
In order for a land turtle to feel comfortable at home, it is necessary to create for it
plastic cover
Is it better to make an aquarium cover yourself or find ready-made solutions?
Even if you buy the most expensive fish house, some components may break later
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