Rodents: description, lifestyle, representatives of the order
Rodents are the most numerous order among all mammals: they account for more than 42
Top largest domestic and wild rats on the planet, interesting facts and photos
Despite their small size, rodents are among the most feared creatures in the world.
Decorative rat and apples
What to feed a pet rat, what does a decorative rat eat
Getting a new pet is always exciting, especially when you get a pet rat. One of the most
Cute rat
Diseases of decorative rats: symptoms of diseases and treatment
Diagnostics SERVICE PRICE Initial appointment 500 rub. Repeated appointment 200 rub. Urgent departure from
Cat hiding in a box
Mysterious story: why do all cats love boxes?
Many cat lovers notice their pets’ strange craving for boxes and bags. Worth appearing in
Parasites in rats: fleas, lice eaters, lice and ticks - treatment and prevention
Parasites in rats: fleas, lice eaters, lice and ticks - treatment and prevention
Decorative rats are neat animals for which their owners provide decent living conditions. Unfortunately, parasites
Types of fur in rodents
The white mouse is an excellent decorative pet
Almost every person has acquired a pet at least once in their life. Some prefer ordinary types
Treatment of colds in rats
Extermination of rats in Rostov-on-Don - Rodent control
In addition, such uncontrolled destruction of mice and rats on our own has two options
House mouse - species, habitats, types and external characteristics of the animal (125 photos and videos)
How to choose a pet Keeping pet mice does not require special care. They are clean, to the person
What types of rats are there? The rat is gray. Decorative rats
Rats are the largest rodents from the mouse family, which are one of the long-time neighbors
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