Hamster wheels
How to make a hamster wheel with your own hands, step-by-step algorithm
Types of wheels The first parameter when choosing a running wheel for rodents is its diameter, which
A functional hammock for a hamster from scrap materials: how to make it and where to place it
What can be done for a hamster You can make many interesting toys for a hamster, for example: From a washcloth
Why did the Hong Kong authorities decide to remove all hamsters from pet stores?
The hamster is a soft fluffy bundle of joy. During their short life, the sweetest friendly Dzungarian and
Is it possible to bathe a dwarf and how to properly wash a hamster
Reasons for the appearance of lumps It is very sad when tumors appear in a small creature. Moreover, they
All breeds and types of hamsters with photographs and names
All breeds and types of hamsters with photographs and names
The variety of hamsters often causes confusion in names. All hamster breeds can be classified into 19
Syrian hamster
What to do if your hamster died? How to bury a hamster
One of the most popular, but short-lived pets is the hamster. Lovely
Do I need to do a PCR test for coronavirus if I have been vaccinated?
Infectious disease doctor, hepatologist, parasitologist. Deputy chief physician of the O-Tri clinic. Graduate of the Military Medical Academy named after. S.M.Kirova. Engaged in
Syrian golden hamsters: breed characteristics and maintenance
The Syrian, or golden hamster, comes from distant Syria. It was first discovered in early 1839
Homyakam.Ru – pet care
Is it possible to give a hamster pomegranate: health consequences
Home Nutrition 05/09/2018 A hamster’s health depends on proper nutrition. The diet should be balanced
Hamsters with “corona”: in which pets scientists found Covid-19
Djungarian hamsters are domestic miniature, decorative rodents. Djungaric hamsters live from 1 to
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