Fire technical minimum: Basics of Fire Safety

Fire technical minimum (FTM) is a set of basic knowledge and skills necessary for every person to ensure safety from fires. PTM helps people understand how to prevent fires, how to respond when they occur, and how to properly use fire extinguishing agents. In this article we will look at the key aspects of the fire safety technical minimum.

The main components of the Fire Technical Minimum:

  1. Understanding the Sources of Fires: The first step to safety is knowing what can cause a fire. This includes flammable materials, electrical faults, open flames and many other factors.

  2. Rules for preventing fires: Effective fire prevention begins with following basic rules, such as turning off electrical appliances, strictly following the rules for using gas, smoking in designated areas, etc.

  3. Knowledge of Emergency Exits: It is important to know the location of the nearest emergency exits and escape routes. This will help you quickly and safely leave the premises in case of fire.

  4. Using Fire Extinguishers: Knowing how to properly use fire extinguishers is a key skill in fighting the initial stages of a fire. Knowing the fire classes and types of fire extinguishers is also important.

  5. Evacuation: Knowing how to properly evacuate in case of fire. This includes moving toward the exit, yelling for help, and signaling to others that there are people in the building.

  6. Observe Cautions: It is important to follow all fire safety precautions and instructions, including not using elevators in case of fire, etc.

The importance of the Fire Technical Minimum:

  • Legal Compliance: Knowledge and compliance with fire safety regulations helps you comply with fire safety legislation.

  • Saving Lives: PTM can save lives by preventing fires and aiding in rapid evacuation.

  • Reduce Damage: Proper use of fire suppression agents and responding in the early stages of a fire can reduce fire damage.

  • Safe environment: Knowledge of PTM contributes to the creation of a safe environment both at home and in the workplace.

Fire safety training is the responsibility of every person and organization. It is an investment in safety that can save lives and property.

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