Why did the Hong Kong authorities decide to remove all hamsters from pet stores?
The hamster is a soft fluffy bundle of joy. During their short life, the sweetest friendly Dzungarian and
Is it possible to bathe a dwarf and how to properly wash a hamster
Reasons for the appearance of lumps It is very sad when tumors appear in a small creature. Moreover, they
Norfolk Terrier at a show
Norfolk Terrier (photo): affectionate friend and clever hunter
History of the origin of the breed The homeland of the Norfolk Terrier is the eastern part of Great Britain, Norfolk County. For the first time they
Domestic hedgehog. Maintenance and care, which one to choose, the pros and cons of a hedgehog in the house
What type of hedgehog is suitable for keeping at home? Many people have probably had the problem at least once.
Do guinea pigs stink?
Do guinea pigs stink and why: possible causes of an unpleasant odor
Every family has its own preferences in choosing pets. Some people love dogs, some
All breeds and types of hamsters with photographs and names
All breeds and types of hamsters with photographs and names
The variety of hamsters often causes confusion in names. All hamster breeds can be classified into 19
Decorative rat and apples
What to feed a pet rat, what does a decorative rat eat
Getting a new pet is always exciting, especially when you get a pet rat. One of the most
Homyakam.Ru – pet care
What do budgies eat and how to feed the birds correctly
Home Parrot Feeding 11/04/2019 The basis of the diet of this species of feathered friends in the wild is
Cute rat
Diseases of decorative rats: symptoms of diseases and treatment
Diagnostics SERVICE PRICE Initial appointment 500 rub. Repeated appointment 200 rub. Urgent departure from
What can you give a rabbit?
Is it possible to feed rabbits walnuts and in what quantities?
Livestock » Rabbits 1 6321 Article rating Kira Stoletova Every farmer knows that when
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